James Burke @ D&AD Festival

Apr 2018

The Constant Need for Approval is an interactive art installation by our Founder and Director, James Burke, exploring the validity and perceived worth in the age of the Internet. The gold star has come to symbolise the marker for value in our society, no matter how deep or trivial the subject matter. As a purely functional and self-referential statement the artwork relies on interaction in order to fulfil its destiny. This symbiotic relationship with the viewer defines the work’s representation, expression and form, and in so doing questions wider public narratives of what defines art.

“When I was kid, I stole the pen from my teacher that would stamp an ink star onto the page to tell the pupils when they had done good work. I stamped it over everything I had as if that was the answer to all my problems” – James Burke

Want to join us at D&AD Festival this year? Use code FRND15 at checkout and you’ll get 15% off your passes. James’ artwork will be on display in the playground area of the festival, and he’ll be giving talk Beyond Convention on The Anthony Simonds-Gooding Stage on 24th April @ 2:45-pm.


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