Monday Morning Creative Challenge Live! 4th May 2020

We’re back with another Monday Morning Creative Challenge! 

MMCC is a key component of Acrylicize’s internal culture. We gather every Monday at 9am to respond to a creative brief, giving us the opportunity to start the week working as a team to solve problems.

Due to the current situation with coronavirus, the team is working from home for the foreseeable future. During these challenging times, we’ve been determined to maintain our company culture as much as possible, and we’ve been thrilled by the opportunities that have arisen from using technology and working remotely.

This week, our US Creative Director Ollie Frend will present the theme ‘Joy in the Everyday’. At Acrylicize, we often connect unrelated concepts to create something unexpected and new to push boundaries, so we’re challenging you to select two objects from your house – one functional – and combine them in a way that brings joy, ease, or humour to your day.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with. This time our US team will be taking over our Instagram (@acrylicize), so don’t forget to tune in today at 9am PDT (5pm GMT +1) to get creative with us.

To see the full brief, please click here.

To read more on how to maintain a company culture in a crisis, please click here.


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