As part of a large series of commissions for 99 Shoreditch we had a lot of fun developing ideas for both interior and exterior. On the exterior we worked with graffiti artist Will Vibes, to paint a new piece of street art for Shoreditch entitled 99 Red Balloons. We also invited vibes to paint a bike related mural for the back wall behind the bike sheds. In the secret garden we were given 4 walls to play with. ‘Good Looking’ deals with the ever present security cameras watching us. We’ve given them the garden twist, decommissioning them and turning them into something that breeds new life. ‘On The Line’ a hand-sketch of a typical East London Street is transformed into a sculpture using weathered steel referencing the industrial heritage of the area. Hanging between the houses is a neon washing line, complete with dirty undies – a nod to the student accommodation on the other side of the wall. 99 Green Bottles plays off the popular song and references the buildings iconic number as does ‘Ice Cream’ using oversize sculpted ice-cream cones in str formation – a nod to being outdoors under the stars.