Albert house is a building sitting on the so called  ’silicon roundabout’ in the heart of Old Street with an interior that is inspired by a 1930′s Speakeasy. The artwork we have created for the building continues this theme and plays on juxtaposing vintage aesthetics with modern themes. Explore the building and you will find ‘Gangstergrams’ –  a series of prints that imagine what the Instagram accounts of Gangsters of the 1920′s would look like. Continue your journeyed you will discover old silent movie stills with a contemporary twist.  In addition, there are a series of iconic art deco patterns rendered in neon and tiny secret ‘back doors’ inviting you to leave messages for the next viewer (should they be curious enough to peek behind).  In the front entrance sits a typography sculpture made from miniature scaffolding that builds the phrase ‘work in progress’ – an ode to the TOG philosophy,  whilst the back entrance features an anamorphic type piece that encourages both working and playing hard.