Visitors to Hounslow’s Treaty Centre now enjoy an enhanced shopping experience, following the unveiling of a unique art commission. We were commissioned by Quidnet Capital Partners, who own the Treaty Centre, to create an art feature to update the existing canopy feature, which is central to the outdoor area, anchoring the 280,000 sq.ft. scheme. Taking a lead inspired by the local parks and green land, which can be found on the centre’s branding, we developed a sculpture-based installation – what would come to be known as ‘Bloom’. We worked closely with RoboFold turning the idea into reality. The studio made use of state-of-the-art robot technology to transform the overhead floral concept, which welcomes shoppers into the centre. RoboFold created varying types of robot-folded stainless-steel leaves. These 350 interwoven leaves are lit in vibrant shades of pink and blue, and climb along the underside of the newly gunmetal grey canopy. By day, natural light floods into the space through the canopy’s Perspex shell, encouraging light play silhouetting the undulating canopy of leaves. By night, the installation is lit by a custom LED format that bathes the metalwork in a changing palette of colours.