When Generator  decided to relaunch their flagship London address in King’s Cross, the Toronto-based Design Agency commissioned us to manage the new-look design on the ground and also to incorporate some of our own bespoke features. Crafted by The Design Agency and led by partner and Generator’s Creative Director, Anwar Mekhayech, the overall creative direction and design language has an emphasis on bold and exciting style that reflects the local spirit and culture of the city location.

We were commissioned to add creative details, everywhere from the floor to the ceiling, the toilet doors and mirrors to each and every corridor. Features include an LED train information board behind the reception desk, 3D directional signage drawing inspiration from the London Underground, as a unique way to provide practical signage. For the communal areas, we collaborated with Good Wives and Warriors who worked their illustration magic on an upright piano and an entire wall in the reception area. Their hand-painted unique style of graphics drew on London landmarks and bright splashes of colour.

Other elements include flooring detail – hand-sprayed triangle graphics in colours inspired by the camouflage patterns on British 60s and 70s naval ships and vinyl dots decorate the floors all the way up to the ceiling, inspired by Yayoi Kasama. Last but not least, Mr Shesh & Zics applied their graffiti styles to the breakfast shutters – with ‘LDN’ as our inspiration, we adopted numerous writing styles to represent the city’s diversity.