We were commissioned to create a bespoke art installation for this incredible space in an architecturally iconic building in Hammersmith. The reception area marks the start of the journey upwards to the apex, many stories up. We went on a creative journey to determine a way to celebrate the space without filling it and obstructing the astonishing view. We decided to focus on a reflective form and developed the concept of the classic spinning top; a concept that would work from every angle.

Through research of the building’s location we learnt that the first people to settle in the area that is now Hammersmith and Fulham were Neolithic tribes who lived by the riverside some 5,000 years ago. Excavations revealed Bronze Age remains in Hammersmith by the former creek, and Roman settlements during the third and fourth centuries CE. The archaeological history of the spinning top tied this together. Furthermore, the spinning top is one of the oldest recognisable toys found on archaeological sites in the UK. The 3D reflective aspect of the spinning top gave us a playful way to reflect the space in a fun and engaging way. The form also invokes a feeling of movement, energy and balance when presented in the slanted frozen form. A spinning top also has gyroscopic properties guiding the viewer through the building. Used in many navigation and computer-aided systems, the gyroscope element make a subtle nod to the nautical shape and name of the building.