Delving into the archives of The Office Group’s workspace at 7 Stratford Place, we were met with an impressive former resident – Martin Van Buren, eighth president of USA. Drawing on the grandeur of this heritage and the Georgian townhouse’s classic style, we created a piece that recalls classic portraiture but with a modern twist. In a nod to Van Buren, originator of the term ‘OK’ (Old Kinderhook was MVB’s birthplace) we created a potrait of MVB giving the OK hand signal. A large ‘OK’ typography piece also sits opposite built into the framework of the period features.

Other commissions in the building include a special collaboration with Alex Fowkes playing on the theme of the building’s number – 7. We also created a neon piece which is just a little bit tongue-in-cheek and plays on The Office Group’s laid back approach to workspace.