The East Side office space, as part of The Office Group’s flexible workspace, offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the adjoining King’s Cross station. However, step inside and you’ll continue to find the transport theme, with bespoke artworks throughout. At reception, fusing old with new, a painting celebrating Kings Cross as a great British terminus, gets a modern makeover. In keeping with the iconic landscape of the station’s surrounding areas, the smoke from the steam train is transformed into a burst of graffiti, referencing the building’s name and also nodding to the decorated walls along the train lines. In another office nook, you’ll find a statement artwork, made from thousands of train ticket ‘chads’ collected from the neighbouring station. Entitled ‘Hard Work’, the piece took a great deal of the namesake hard work to create, with chads meticulously applied over a bespoke typographic design. In a cheeky play on King’s Cross’ once seedy past, the notorious tart cards, typically found in phone boxes in the 80s and 90s, are transposed to an office setting. In a pictorial print, workplace paraphernalia, including staplers and Post-it notes, get a smutty makeover, with euphemistic visuals that sit alongside staid descriptions from the various office catalogues and shopping sites.