After surviving air raid attacks during WWI and more recent 
demolition plans as part of the modernisation programme, this building stands as a true fighter. We embellished the office space with our tongue in cheek neon signs, now fast becoming a signature for TOG spaces. We also drew on the blend of old and new, with original prints subtly customised to add a 21st Century touch. There are history lessons to be had too, with prints nodding to Spike Milligan and Sir John Betjeman, with whose efforts Liverpool Street Station wouldn’t be the glorious architectural feat that it is today. Old versus new is the backdrop to the building and the surrounding streets even echo this. Cracks have started to appear where the concrete has parted, revealing the original cobbled streets that once lay hidden beneath. Members of The Office Group team were invited to interact with these cracks. Presented with photographs, they were asked to draw over and around the cracks to create new pictures and shapes. The result is a series of 36 unique pieces of art, continuing the theme of old and new.