The world’s largest suspended digital timepiece displays the time in London, New York and Sydney via 40 LED-driven large-scale letters hung from the atrium’s impressive 30 metre ceiling. Like echoing ancient conversations rising up, 40 letters, in a bespoke typeface based on classic Roman scripture, are suspended from the building’s impressive full-height ceiling. Each LED-driven number and letter is illuminated according to the time of the day. Specially designed software was programmed in order to illuminate each LED-driven number and letter, according to the time of the day. Alongside the Timeless installation is Timed, designed in-house and made by acclaimed lighting designer Ben Rousseau. This accompaniment stands as the focal point of the reception area and portrays the corresponding minute and second hand to Timeless’s suspended hour hand – the final piece to complete the clock. The installation uses the infinity mirror technique to create a second and minute counter, with a name that recalls the legacy that the Romans left behind, handing down techniques and traditions that we continue to maintain to this modern day. These two connected installations transform the whole building into one giant timepiece. From the reception through to the atrium, reaching up to the apex of the site over eight storeys high, the installation vies for status as one of the largest clocks in the capital.