Jul 2018

We’re excited to present REPEAT REPEAT by Frea Buckler & Chris Page, coming to our events and gallery space on 26th July, 6:30 – 9pm.

Chris Page is a graphic artist specialising in large scale and site-specific art installations. He also happens to be one of our lead designers here at Acrylicize!

His hand-penned isometric print series was inspired by sketches Chris first did to pass the time during a four-hour flight delay. Chris continued using his commute every day to explore new ways to draw intersecting cubes in complimentary arrangements, finding new shapes, shadows, and forms. These repetitive patterns and mark makings have become a meditative process. Chris develops small-scale sketches from his A5 notebooks into larger hand-drawn compositions, overlaying lines using different pen thicknesses and geometric cropping.

Frea Buckler is a multidisciplinary artist employing her freestyle methodology in sculpture, wall painting and screen print. She predominantly uses screen print as a tool for drawing to produce one off works on paper. This process, which she begins without preliminary drawings is paradoxically methodical, systematic and precise, and therefore embraces a balance between chaos and control, knowing and not knowing. Her bold, abstract geometric works suggest probable but impossible forms resembling unfolded boxes or origami – bending, folding and opening out in different directions.

Both artists explore notions of pattern, repetition and the folding and unfolding of the cube form.

If you’d like to join us over drinks to celebrate the opening of this unique exhibition, RSVP here.


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