Shoreditch Lives: Ray Rinkoff

Mar 2018

In 2015 we created art installation, Shoreditch Lives; highlighting the real lives of Shoreditch residents and workers the piece is an honest representation of the incredibly unique range of people that inhabit this small corner of London. We scanned and 3D printed volunteers from a range of backgrounds and walks of life, along with an object of their choice that best represents their character or profession.

One of our participants was Ray Rinkoff – owner of renowned Rinkoff Bakery in Mile End. We recently dropped in to see his 3D print on display in the bakery and get some shots of him in his home away from home.

Rinkoff bakery, established in 1911, is a family run business based in the heart of London’s East End. They have been producing their speciality bread cakes and rolls for over 100 years. From traditional challah breads, sourdoughs, cheesecakes, croissants and danish pastries to their (now famous) Crodoughs – you’ll find a range of mouth watering products at the bakery. We highly recommend a visit!


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