Studio culture post-lockdown

As we cautiously emerge from lockdown in the UK, we reflect on ways that we’ve stayed connected with each other and kept our creative juices flowing as we continue to work from home.

While we’ve introduced flexible working and social distancing measures to enable those who feel comfortable to work from the office safely, we’ve realised that it will be quite some time before we can all safely come together to collaborate in creative ways.

Check out the below to see some of the work we’ve created for our Monday Morning Creative Challenge via video conferencing during lockdown.

Adventures in Clay

Hosted by our Curator Chantelle and Studio Manager Fi, we had 30 minutes to experiment with clay to create our own unique, 3D sculptural forms.

In a world that feels increasingly unstable, kneading a slab of clay with your hands is a great way to unplug and connect with the present moment. A relaxing treat rather than a stressful design sprint, we were asked to embrace the material’s quirks to explore texture and detail to create a stand alone sculpture of our making.

When finished, we were asked to document our work with three images. One which captured the full 3D form, a close up shot that exposed the detail, and a new image created by digitally manipulating our previous detail shot.

Lockdown Life Drawing

Led by Connie and Blaize from our Marketing team, they organised another creative life drawing session with Blaize modelling from home. In the first ‘quick fire’ round, Blaize had to create ten dynamic poses, each held for one minute as the followed along as quickly as they could. 

The second round was more considered, with two poses held for five minutes each, giving the team more time to observe the details. Blaize attempted to throw a few curveballs with a few interesting choices of props and the team had free reign to create with whatever art supplies they had to hand.

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