Represented via two parallel lighting installations made from thousands of orbs of light, Equilibrium takes inspiration from the intrinsic relationship between the sun and the moon, which is reflected in the thousands of orbs of light that shift and change throughout the day. Illuminating the lobby windows of Lacon House in the heart of Holborn, the work reflects the contemporary nature of the building and gives it an identity, as well as creating an entrance that is striking and welcoming.

Acting as an ethereal timepiece, the lighting used within the piece changes and moves throughout the day in five minute cycles. On moving around the piece, the viewer feels immersed  in this lighting experience, creating a sense of serenity against the chaos of busy city life outside.


The Facts:


1 x 1m sphere (moon), 2 x 2m sphere (sun)


Copper rods, acrylic, LED


Lacon House


Holborn, London

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