Sequence highlights the transitional nature of the space at 55 Wells Street, Fitzrovia, and celebrates the constant state of flux and change in London.

Commissioned by Great Portland Estates to give the building its own brand and identity, this bespoke art installation is situated in the reception area of the building, a stones throw from Oxford Street. Playing with angles, light and shadow to create the illusion of movement, ‘Sequence’ highlights the transitional nature of the space and takes inspiration from the many bodies moving through the reception of the building each day.

Through studying the transformation of one shape to another, the piece explores the subtle differences in each movement and the notion of possibility and constant evolution. The artwork can be seen from a number of different view points including the balcony level above and the street outside the building. The rotating forms were carefully chosen to add new elements of intrigue when seen from each angle, assisted by the cascading shadows that shift throughout the day as the sun rises and sets.


The Facts:


2.5m x 2.2m




Great Portland Estates


London, UK