Shoreditch Lives


This project is underpinned by a desire to celebrate the diverse melting pot of multiculturalism that makes up the London neighbourhood of Shoreditch. As home to our main studio, we wanted to highlight the real lives of our neighbours. The result was ‘Shoreditch Lives’, a piece that explores the diverse and unique range of stories, walks of life, and experiences that are local to the area.

The process of creating this piece involved inviting local volunteers from a range of backgrounds to be scanned and 3D printed, holding an object that best represents their character, personality or profession. The packaging is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the typical hipster stereotypes levelled at those going about their day-to-day life in Shoreditch.

The miniature figurines capture a moment in these residents’ lives and showcase the wonderful characters that comprise this ever-changing area.


The Facts:


275 x 131 x 20cm


MDF, 3D Print





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