Spin is a site-specific sculpture in the form of a spinning top, at the iconic Ark Building in Hammersmith.

The Ark sits on ancient Neolithic settlements that would have occupied this area of London. The spinning top is one of the oldest recognisable toys found on the site, so was the perfect inspiration for the sculpture. The nautical nature of the building isn’t only in its name, its also shaped like a ship. The gyroscopic form of the spinning top is also a subtle nod to navigational systems for ships.

We used a polished stainless steel for the sculpture as it provided a playful way to reflect the space, helping people to engage with the building’s bright and dynamic surroundings.

The top feels forever on edge, yet perfectly balanced, creating a dynamic energy that grounds the space.


The Facts:


2m x 2m x 2.5m


Stainless Steel




The Ark, Hammersmith