Inspired by the flow of water from the River Fleet, which once ran directly beneath Farringdon Street, ’Submotion’ sweeps through this brand new site, tracing the angles of the building.

Emanating from the entrance numbers that sit above the entrance portal on the façade, the six hundred and fifty light batons gently pulse as if inspired by the movement of water, guiding visitors on a journey through the reception and beyond. This carefully considered piece also has the option of being set to a continual, steady glow of light, which reflects Farringdon’s perpetual flow of energy and movement, echoing the motion of passers-by outside. The light installation continues into the building’s core as it pours through the stairwells, encouraging visitors to be led by foot to their destination.

Farringdon’s continual flow of energy and movement is reflected in the surges of light that run through the installation, echoing the motion of passers-by, traffic and cyclists outside.


The Facts:



Light Batons


HB Reavis


Farringdon, UK