Acrylicize x Seattle – The Untold Story

Since Acrylicize’s humble beginnings as a University art project 16 years ago, it has grown into an established, interdisciplinary creative studio of 35 passionate people, who create and curate bespoke artworks for projects and brands all around the world. 

As the business progressed, we began to receive more opportunities in the US, each project growing in size, scale and scope with a diverse range of highly-respected companies. ‘Breaking America’ is daunting for any small business in the UK, but where there’s a will, there’s a way, and we successfully set up our first office in the beautiful city of Seattle in January 2016.

Why Seattle you ask? We spoke to the Managing Director of the US, Shannon Andrews to find out how it all started. 

Acrylicize x Seattle by Shannon Andrews

January 2016 – After a serendipitous encounter with Paul Arad (MD of Acrylicize) in the summer of 2015 and several meetings with him and James Burke (Founder and Creative Director), I accepted their offer and moved back to Seattle from London to open Acrylicize’s first US studio as our Managing Director, originally to service a large high-profile project in the area. 

However, with no official studio at this point, I began building Acrylicize from the ground up from my laptop, in a coffee shop. Team US spent the first year perfecting our handshake and hustle, laying the groundwork for the big things to come.

January 2017 – Contours, our first landmark project in the US, was installed at Tableau’s Seattle HQ. We were officially on the map!

January 2018 – Acrylicize begins work with local tech giant, Microsoft.

July 2018 – We signed the lease on our first studio in Seattle. We were a team of two at the time, but the dream was big.

November 2018 – We relocated Lead Creative Oliver Frend from London to Seattle to become the Creative Director of Acrylicize USA.

January 2019 – We continued to expand the team, making hires every few months to keep up with emerging opportunities.

May 2019 – The team won a landmark project with LinkedIn, opening the door to the most iconic property we’ve ever touched (watch this space for exciting photos later this year!).

April 2020 – We’re now operating in equal measure on the East and West Coasts and reaching abroad to engage our friends and clients on exciting properties in Shanghai, Singapore, and Toronto.

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To find out more about Contours, please click here.

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