Art on a Postcard: James Burke

We’re excited to announce James Burke‘s participation in Art on a Postcard’s Summer Auction 2020!

Between 25 June – 9th July, Art on a Postcard have organised an online auction of original postcard-sized artworks by a number of contemporary artists, all proceeds will go to The Hepatitis C Trust.

‘Shesh’ is a celebration of people coming together in love, as a symbol of hope, optimism and happiness.

‘Post Truth’ is a comment on contemporary internet culture, where posting information that aligns with our beliefs supersedes the accuracy of the information itself. On the postcard, ‘truth’ has been cut out and removed, questioning the value of truth’s importance in the modern world.

Bidding is now open. James’ postcards are part of 277 designs available, all money raised will be donated to Art on a Postcard’s flagship campaign to eliminate hepatitis C in the UK by 2025.

To find out more, visit the Art on a Postcard website.

To see more of James’ Fine Art work, please click here to visit his website.



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