A Moment with Contours by @oneheartmind

Contours, our first landmark installation in North America, is a dramatic light-based artwork inspired by technology and nature. Designed bespoke for Seattle-based data company Tableau Software, the intent was to transform the entrance experience in an authentic way based on Tableau’s unique brand identity.

We recently caught up with Jade Kwan after finding her alluring images of the installation on Instagram. Taken three years ago, we found out what brought her to Seattle at the time and how she felt when she experienced Contours for the first time.

Why did you visit Contours at Tableau’s Seattle HQ? Did you have a reason to be in town or were you just passing by?

Seattle being the home base for a number of my childhood best friends, I visit often. In 2017, in celebration of my friend’s new position (joining the Enterprise Applications team at Tableau) we were excited to get an inside look and tour of the new space. 

What was your first impression of the installation and how did it make you feel?

It was after-hours so the ambience was already very calm. I remember being very conscious of our voices and footsteps. As we turned toward Contours, I was mesmerized. I took a brief moment for photos but was trailing behind the group… I had to make sure not to trip over the stairs, but it was hard to look away!

I left wondering, what does the shape represent? How are these mixed materials so elegantly placed together?

What do you love the most about the images you took?

The images of Contours take me back to that moment of awe and pause. What I love most is how the piece and my photos were able to ignite some curiosity and offer a new perspective. Years later, it’s apparent how lasting the impression was.  

To learn more about Contours, click here.

To hear more from Jade, check out her Instagram and Twitter at @oneheartmind.

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