Meet the Artists: Douglas House

Acrylicize has commissioned a series of design-led interventions on behalf of Note Design Studio at Douglas House, our latest project in conjunction with The Office Group. Douglas House, itself a prime example of 1930s architecture in the heart of Fitzrovia, has been transformed by Note, blending its distinctive 30s features, windows and iron work with a bold colour driven concept.

The defined colour palette established within the setting ranges from deep ochre hues and oceanic blue tones, with materials working together tone-on-tone to give a sense of light and openness.


Responding to the design brief “gentle – punch, passive – expressive, subtle – power, brutal – elegance, sensorial – functionalism”, each artist’s work was chosen to work together within the space as a microcosm of artistic expression.

Every piece sought to challenge our expectations of perception echoing the bold design philosophy set throughout the building, blurring the line between the everyday, to add a “punch” to the space provoking wonder and curiosity.

Studio Furthermore

Studio Furthermore strive to seek out new kinds of material and cultural realities. These realities are born out of constant hands on materials exploration which the studio formulate through ongoing research into science as well as naturally occurring processes.

With their unique material processes the designers create furniture and lighting as well as objects for living and other design outcomes. Studio Furthermore work within a variety of mediums such as aluminium and glass, and produce one off commissions and gallery editions as well as products for a small selection of European design brands.

The designers have investigated the use of ceramic foams in their work, resulting in fragments that resembled meteorites in the creation of their “Tektites” collection of ceramic works.

Jochen Holz

Jochen Holz is a London-based master glass maker. Specialised in lampworking, Holz transforms high quality glass tubes into one-off glassware, bespoke objects, jewellery, and neon light sculptures. By letting the process and materiality of molten glass play a central role in his practice, a high level of spontaneous decisions and intuition are present in his design.


James Shaw

James Shaw is an explorer of the material landscape with a hands on approach. His work aims to interrogate the material, systemic and formal approaches to the creation of objects.

Frequently his work considers the resources around us challenging the notion of ‘waste’ to create new beautiful materials. Waste plastic has been a key theme of his work both through his ongoing Plastic Baroque project and notably in the exhibition Plastic Scene he co-curated with Laura Housely in 2018, which was named ‘the standout show of LDF’ by the New York Times. 


Jenny Nordberg 

Jenny Nordberg is an industrial designer MFA based in the southern part of Sweden, who works exploratory and interdisciplinary to expand the contemporary notion of design, and of the designer. Whether an experimental, conceptual or commercial project, her practice is always driven by a search for alternatives and counter-strategies to irresponsible mass production. Navigating between art and design, her research and studio work focus on how we produce and consume today, how we have done so historically and how this can be done differently in the future. 

Wang & Söderström

Wang & Söderström is a Copenhagen based transdisciplinary duo composed of Swedish designer Anny Wang and architect Tim Söderström. The bridging of the physical and digital realms is a major theme in their practice and they are constantly trying to challenge the boundaries between them. Fluctuating between art and design, Wang & Söderström wants to throw out pre-existing conventions regarding the digital and put emphasis on the emotional and tactile side of materials, objects and textures to give the digital a more human-relatable quality and create more meaningful connections.

Mijo Studio

Mijo Studio is a Copenhagen based design studio focusing on textiles, prints and patterns, founded in 2015 by Miranda Tengs Brun and Josefine Gilbert. The two designers met at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art and Design where a shared passion for colour and bold prints brought them together to challenge and explore the use of patterns and textiles within the design field. Through experiments with colour and textures in analogue techniques their work is characterized by a hand painted expression, emphasizing their curious and playful approach to the creative process.

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