Fortune Favors The Kind


How do we spread an optimistic, positive message during a time when the streets of Seattle can feel a bit bleak? How can our vocation be used to hopefully inspire those who need it most? We believe wholly in the power of art, and now more than ever intend to use art as a vehicle for positive change.

The streets of Capitol Hill have changed. What once was a thriving community of activity has temporarily been suspended and society has taken its course. Although less active, the area is still home to many. Our Seattle HQ, although not using their office as much, turned their space into an art installation that spreads a positive message to all those who wish to investigate.

If you find yourself on Capitol Hill, drop by our HQ and gaze into our windowfront crystal ball installation to have your future revealed to you.

We see great fortune and positive energy in your new year. Happy 2021! #FortuneFavorsTheKind

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