How to Turn Space into Place

Moments not monuments 

Art is a representation of our times and our collective consciousness.

As a studio, we are committed to exploring what constitutes success and positive impact in the realm of public art.  On this journey our ultimate goal is to find ways to make meaningful connections with viewers through tangible interactions that offer a sense of ownership of the environment, transmuting ‘space’ into ‘place’ through individual experience and meaning. To stand back and watch the dance play out between art and viewer is perhaps the most rewarding part of the process for us as creators.

Our founder and global Creative Director, James Burke, has created a written exploration of Public Art, sharing his thoughts on the pivotal role Art plays in the representation of our times and our collective consciousness.

We invite you to take some time to delve into this exploration, available here as a PDF, uncovering how we create powerful moments of creativity for communities and public environments, turning space into Place.

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