Lucy Eades: Illustrator

Feb 2019

Following her 3 month internship with us, Lucy Eades has recently joined the Acrylicize team as a full time junior creative.

Graduating last year after studying Illustration at University of the West of England, Lucy describes her work as taking two different routes: “on the one hand, there’s the more hand drawn, illustrative side, where I take a lot of inspiration from nature and my surroundings. This kind of work is often quite sketchy and textured – I love using coloured pencils, making use of their rough textures. Then there’s my work that is more design and product based; this tends to utilise more playful themes, attempting to really engage the viewer, and often has an element of interaction. I also really love laser cutting, so you’ll notice that process in quite a lot of my work.”

You can check out more of Lucy’s work here.


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