Monday Morning Creative Challenge Live! 6th April 2020

Apr 6, 2020

Monday Morning Creative Challenge is a key component of Acrylicize’s internal culture. Every Monday at 9am we gather as a studio to respond to a creative brief, giving us the opportunity to start the week with teamwork and innovative thinking.

Due to the current situation with coronavirus, the team is working from home for the foreseeable future. During these challenging times, we’ve been determined to maintain our company culture as much as possible, and we’ve been thrilled by the opportunities that have arisen from using technology and working remotely.

This week, we decided to open up our Creative Challenge to the world for the first time via Instagram Live, where our Creative Director James Burke presented an exciting brief themed on ‘maps’. Inspired by the current global crisis and its impact on our ability to move and travel, we challenged our audience to create a map that represented their identity at this moment in time, out of anything they wanted.

Check out the content below to see what everyone came up with!

To see the full brief, please click here.

To read more on how to maintain a company culture in a crisis, please click here.

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