Creative Review: Craft & Process

Jun 2019

Creative Review met with both our Founder and Creative Director to learn about our approach to craft and process in the studio. Read the full interview and article here.

The idea that process drives outcome underpins every aspect of Acrylicize; from the way we develop ideas, to the way we operate as a business. The action of stepping in to the unknown – coupled with the dedication to learn every step of the way – is what keeps us going. From a creative standpoint, our process is fundamental throughout the entire project life cycle.

It is crucial that the work is allowed to develop organically, all the way from initial concept stage right through to prototyping, making, and finally, installation. With a focus on narrative and craftsmanship, we are unrestricted by materiality, and our processes remain flexible to give us the best creative outcome.

Published 5th June 2019


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