Our Charity Initiative: A·R·T Store


Our Charity Initiative: A·R·T Store


A platform for artists, by artists, harnessing art for positive change

A·R·T - A Reason To - is a new and exciting art initiative brought to you by Acrylicize, supporting social causes and talented artists. We will be releasing curated art collections in order to raise proceeds for great causes whilst supporting participating artists. 

Through A·R·T, we will be releasing curated art collections throughout the year in order to raise funds for selected charities and causes, utilising the platform to support and promote the artists involved. Never before has it been so important for people to look after one another, and through A·R·T our hope is that by paying it forward, we can actively contribute to the ongoing cultural shift towards kindness, generosity and hope for all.

Collection 01

Multiplying Kindness

Never before has it been so important for each of us to look out for one another, check up on neighbours, family and friends. We invited artists to respond to the concept of ‘human kindness’ and what can happen when this multiplies. It’s about celebrating human nature and championing the incredible generosity we all see on a daily basis. 

Every print sold in this collection will go towards supporting The Trussell Trust. We will donate all funds raised after artists commission fees and fulfilment costs to the charity, supporting food banks and trying to reduce UK Hunger. 

'The simple act' | Artist: Claire Luxton

'The simple act' | Artist: Claire Luxton

'The Message' | Artist: Bugspot

'SpectralNation' | Artist: Heretic Spectral

Collection 02

Earth One

Our planet is the most precious natural resource that we humans rely on for our very survival. Climate change is a very real challenge, and with rising sea temperatures, plastic pollution, air pollution, deforestation, and animal species dying out, NOW is our last chance to act to save the planet that we call home before the effects of human activity cannot be reversed. 

Every artwork sold in this collection will go towards supporting the World Land Trust and their Buy an Acre campaign. All net proceeds of sales made via this campaign will be shared equally 50/50 between the artist and the World Land Trust, to ensure a safe future for wildlife, in a real, measurable and tangible way.

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