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Contours is a site-specific light installation sitting at the heart of Tableau Software’s new Seattle Headquarters, The NorthEdge Building, exploring themes of nature and discovery in a nod to the data visualisation techniques Tableau is famed for.

The contoured lines that make up the composition have been designed to represent the reversed topography of Washington’s most famous landmark: Mount Rainier. We wanted to celebrate the calming and dramatic qualities of the local landscape. The piece brings the outdoors in, and evokes human kind’s fascination with mountain ranges and the conquering of their summits.

Contours has been carefully designed to be viewed from multiple perspectives around the building, taking a different form from every angle, further connecting the installation with the sense of intrigue and discovery that lies at the core of Tableau Software’s data driven products. 

Further exploring the subject of nature, and focusing on the concepts of sea, land, sky and space, we also designed the wayfinding and created themed floors for the building.


The Facts:


20 x 8 x 3m


Acrylic, LED


Tableau Software


Seattle, US  

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