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Once home to the BBC’s central music library and Radio 1 broadcasts, Yalding House is steeped in musical heritage.

Composed of genuine vintage vinyl records and arranged at varying angles to form a sound wave, In the Walls celebrates the building’s innate connection to music. The sound wave itself is of Radio 1 Breakfast Show DJ, Nick Grimshaw’s, farewell message – ‘Bye, Yalding House’ – posted on Twitter just before the radio team left the building for the last time in December 2012. After more than a decade of live broadcasts from the basement, it’s as if the sound continues to emanate from the walls; a musical accompaniment for visitors as they pass through the corridor.

Radio 1 interviews will go down in history – conversations with some of our best-loved artists and musicians by some of the UK’s nest DJs. The custom print Sleeve Talk canonises a famed Radiohead interview from 1997, which took place in this very building with DJ Jo Whiley. The stack of record sleeves invites visitors to move in closer and discover the interview in full.

Where’s Your Head At, a phrase made famous in 2001 by British electronic band Basement Jaxx, is crafted from the wire of a set of DJ headphones creating a 3D typography piece.

We used hand painted typography fashioned as a bicycle, combined with with illuminated bicycle wheels, to create the Bike Workshop.


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London, UK

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