Samad JBLE: Multidisciplinary Artist

Feb 2019

Alongside his role as Visual Designer at Acrylicize, Samad JBLE also practises as a multidisciplinary artist. Based in Hackney, Samad has worked for a diverse range of clients, developing his own visual language that encompasses art direction, print design, illustration, image making, branding, retail experiences, promotional materials, digital, web and sound design. His personal projects include the series, CORPUS; mixed media illustrations that explore our relationship to the body in our social media age – images of us are uploaded, deconstructed, then reassembled on someone else phone – and the meaning of beauty in this digital and photoshopped world. He explores questions such as, “can it be sexy if the brain recognises skin texture in an abstract shape?”. 

Samad is also the co-creator of London Fields Radio, hosting podcasts made by local people about their passions and ideas since 2009. Their programming includes series The Actioneurs, looking at how very normal people end up doing very cool things. The project explores how exciting side projects come to life and has a key focus on the practical steps and secret ingredients that actually make ‘it’ happen.

You can check out more of Samad’s work here.


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