Sculpture-making in the studio

With social distancing measures in place, we have less of our team working physically together, but more space to experiment and create. Studio 7, once part of our office and event space for live art activations and music gigs, has now become an exciting production line for sculpture-based artworks for an upcoming project.

Central to the process behind these sculptures has been the exploration of the material capabilities of jesmonite. A synthetic material that is increasingly used to emulate terrazzo or other natural, stone-based products, jesmonite is a fairly unknown but highly versatile material that provides boundless opportunities to create bespoke objects with differing patterns, finishes and effects depending on what it’s mixed with.

Through a simple process of experimentation with various colours and forms based on a particular colour palette, followed by placing the liquid in the mould and waiting for it to set, we’ve been able to create dozens of sculptures of varying sizes and hues to adorn a new interior to be revealed soon.

Check out the below to find out more.

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