Sofia Esquivel: Scenographer & Architect

Mar 2019

Working as part of the Acrylicize team as Senior Creative, Sofia also practises as a Scenographer & Architect. We asked her a few questions to give you an insight in to her practises inside and outside of the studio…

Where and what did you study?

MA Architecture at Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon, and MA Scenography at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London. Whilst there I wrote thesis’ on Influence of Architecture in Elderly life and The Scenography of Scales.

How would you describe your creative practise?

I would describe myself as a scenographer and architect. I’ve been working as a creative designer, whilst working in set design for theatre and opera. I also worked as an architect for 3 years. With a strong passion for experiential design, my creative approach focuses on communicating an impactful message through the exercise of the human experience and perception in a spatial environment, within physical and digital worlds. 

At Acrylicize, I always try to bring my two worlds of architecture and scenography to any project. I have a particular interest in how audiences engage both physically and psychologically with their environments, while exploring ways of emerging them in a multi-sensorial and storytelling space. As a medium I like using different processes as any project requires different tools, physical to digital or both. However, my favourite things to do are sketching, physical model making and texture experimentation. I love exploring ways of telling stories in an unexpected way, playing with people’s head space, their imagination!

Are there any common themes within your work?

Performance Design / Interactive Installation / Experiential Design

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by people, writing, surrealism, brutalism, physical models, performance, books, textures, time, nature, playgrounds and -definitely one of the most influential ones – psychological issues.

Give a short description of a project you’ve worked on outside of Acrylicize

Analog VR Goggles  – This is an ongoing project. An interactive installation made out of seven boxes, each containing a physical model representation of different world. It is to be experienced with a set of headphones playing a sound scape that guides the audience unconsciously, while placing them into the character’s mind (hallucinations!). I based this installation on a short story called Zone of Terror by J.G.Ballard, which triggered the main question for this piece exploring the problematics of new technologies generated in human’s mind: How do we really distinguish nowadays what is reality, fiction or imagination?

The work challenges our control and knowledge over imagination, and explores what it means to be human in an age of technology, via a playful and engaging piece. The main performers are the headphones and hands that constantly interact with the models, providing a strange and captivating mixture of theatre and film feeling that’s all made manually.

Watch the video here / See more of Sofia’s work at


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