Official 2019 Wimbledon Championship Poster

Jul 2019

We’re delighted to present this years official 2019 Wimbledon Championships poster. Our design celebrates the No.1 Court, and is surrounded by the flowers synonymous with the Wimbledon grounds and the stories that link them to the estate. 

Agapanthus – literally translating from Latin as ‘love’ – responds to the love of the game and the care put into every inch of the famous grounds. The Hydrangea – with its colour changing properties – celebrates the history of the first colour tv broadcast from Wimbledon. The rose – an iconic British flower that reflects the victory and celebration of the winners of The Championships. And finally, the Petunia – a species from the deadly nightshade genus that celebrates the shots required in a players armoury to win a game, set and match.

Look out for the posters in the club shop and around the grounds. Here’s to a great championship!

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