A Fleeting Moment, 10 Fleet Street

“On first glance, it can look like a mass of threads but as you get closer sharp lines come into focus, creating a spectacular image. The images are first plotted out before being filled out with the thread, the sharp angles contrasting with the floating ends of the thread. And despite the complexity of the lengthy process I try to capture a great feeling of energy and spontaneity, and, in some cases, humour”.

‘A Fleeting Moment’ by Irish textile artist Debbie Smyth is a dynamic, site specific commissioned piece for a commercial building in London’s bustling city centre. The work references the publishing history and iconic architecture that surrounds Fleet Street by capturing the perspective and depth of the vast array of buildings, as well as the energy and vitality of what was known as London’s ‘Newspaper Street’. 

Inwardly and outwardly, the reflections and distortions of the curved glass façade mirror the motion of the life of 10 Fleet Place. The work uses a surrealist lens to change the perception of the city via brilliant streaks of light, echoing the nuances of its environment whilst capturing ‘a fleeting moment’ of a city constantly in flux.

Debbie’s work beautifully blurs the boundaries between fine art drawings, textile art, 3D work, illustration and embroidery. In addition to playing scale and texture, her work takes thread out of its comfort zone by presenting it on a monumental scale, resulting in striking installations that lift the drawn line off the page to create her signature style of ‘pin and thread’ drawings. 

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