Greensill London

Greensill is a global financing company dedicated to making a difference in the world. Inspired by it’s noble roots in agriculture, we were tasked with approaching the interior artworks through the lens of sustainability, in order to bring various elements of Greensill’s brand to the fore within the space. 

As one of the two “hero” artworks for the space, Terrariums brings individual stories to life in miniature form. Depicting scenes from adventurous ski trips and their infamous long boardroom tables, to the sugar cane farm in Bundaberg, Australia, where the company first began, these artworks play with the idea of scale to present memories encased in glass terrariums.

Celebrating the history and growth of Greensill, from humble beginnings on a family-run farm in Australia, to headquarters in London and New York, Changing Landscape represents the evolution and expansion of the company, illustrated via this morphing landscape that depicts each part of the world that Greensill has reached.

Project in collaboration with BDG Architecture + Design.

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