Odyssey Tablets


A project with community at its heart, ‘Odyssey Tablets’ is situated in Cardiff, Wales. A public installation that took the form of functioning wind baffles to protect the building from the strong and erosive sea winds, the baffles are adorned them with graphic interventions to embody the wider story of the area. The use of stars and constellations – traditionally used in navigation – represents the close tie the area has with the shipping trades, and symbolises the sky that unites us all.

Based around the regeneration of one of the most deprived areas of the city – with the biggest range of ethnicities and spoken languages in Wales – this project was part of a larger scheme to build on the available services, amenities, and cultural experiences. The work draws on personal stories of locals from the area, illustrating these within the constellations. Adorning the sculptures with etched metal to oxidise and rust as it sits in its place for years to come, this work will show signs of its journey and age, and add a colourful centre point to what was once a grey and unloved space.


The Facts:

Size: 2.5 x 1.5m
Media: Printed diabond, lasercut steel, wind baffles
Client: Cardiff Council
Location: Cardiff, Wales
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