Heralded as the ‘birthplace of industry’, Telford takes its name from civil engineer, architect and stonemason, Thomas Telford: famed for designing multiple canal projects and large roads throughout the UK. This revolutionary town is reinventing itself once again with the introduction of the huge Southwater development, creating a new hive of activity and community.

Aspect is an engaging landscape of viewpoints that invite the public to move through the space, and realign themselves with what they see in their environment. This experiential installation is a physical manifestation of the social media filter and aims to create an interactive, real-world photo opportunity, flooding photographs with colour. The viewer’s initial interpretation of the area is altered when peering through the filtered frames, creating the illusion of a new and fantastical landscape.

Each frame is covered in a dichroic film, which selectively allows some colours to pass through, whilst others are reflected – resulting in an abstracted and manipulated view. They are also lined with LED tape to flush each frame with light as evening falls, allowing the artwork to transition softly from day to night and creating a series of changing ambiences. The viewer is given their own personal window from which they may reinvent the world around them, transiently drenching their vista with colour.


The Facts:




Steel, polycarbonate, LED tape, dichroic film


Telford and Wrekin Council


Telford, UK

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