Everything Has Been Done Before


Inspired by the search for a completely unique idea against the backdrop of unlimited information, the individual artists of Acrylicize interpret the statement ‘Everything Has Been Done Before’, questioning whether a truly ‘original’ idea exists. Means of artistic expression are infinite and the topics available for discussion are limitless, yet artists often discover their ideas already exist in some form or other in the creative lexicon. Does this make the idea less relevant? Should that prevent someone from pursuing that idea? How many projects have been stifled because of this? Does the knowledge that others are making similar work make it feel more important? Has the internet and social media fucked everything up? Has the nature of art changed because of the proliferation of information? Is sampling, remixing, referencing, and reacting actually what we’re all doing anyway? Is there such thing as an ‘original’ idea? These questions are integral to our practice, our industry, and creative culture as a whole. The artworks included in this show form a diverse and collective response to the idea that everything has been done before.

Amanda Goldsmith – Amber Bednall – Anna Farrall – Becca Davis – Chris Page – Emily Finn – Israel Bercovitch – James Burke – James Sutton – Oliver Frend – Samantha Williams – Sean Bendell Whittaker – Thomas Wightman – Zoe Allen – Zoe Maslen


The Facts:




Self Initiated, Acrylicize


Shoreditch, London, UK

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