Whats going on

  1. Christmas wreath making
  2. UK - SEA - NYC together for the first time
  3. Kingston University students present their ideas for our latest Curate project
  4. Our top picks for Black History Month UK
  5. Watch this space... Silicon Valley
  6. Walking on roof tops, California
  7. Sampling right now imagining a world full of colour
  8. Meanwhile in Milan...
  9. Whole UK studio starting Monday morning making typefaces
  10. Passing through Frankfurt on our way to an install in Berlin
  11. Studio visit to Stuart Haygarth for our upcoming commission
  12. shhhhhhhh Our new website is here 🤫
  13. Started this week talking about wellness in schools
  14. Sam reviews some sustainable rug samples for an upcoming project
  15. Seattle team launch Bloomouse, their latest public art installation
  16. Talking eco friendly paint in the studio
  17. Getting creative with our latest work experience student in London