Quite simply, we exist as a vehicle for the joy of expression

We’re a multidisciplinary studio made up of artists, designers, creatives, and craftsmen. We create and curate bespoke artworks, installations, and schemes for our clients using art as a vehicle for storytelling and brand expression.

​​By blending in-house creation with external curation and amplifying the results through custom activations, we can help you celebrate your culture and identity in any space whilst supporting the arts at both a global and local scale.

What we do

Our studio is made up of three complementary divisions. Sometimes they work collectively. Other times independently. It depends on what’s right for the project.

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  • Create

    Original art that tells your unique story

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  • Curate

    Bringing your story to life with local artists

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  • Activate

    Share your story with your wider audience

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Our principles

Joy of expression

We exist to celebrate and harness the joy of creative expression through our people, partners and projects.

Lead with love

From the way we treat each other, our clients and our partners to the way we pour ourselves into our work, love is our guide.

Be the game

We’ve never really fit in. We do our thing the way our instincts tell us and let the process drive the outcome. We don’t try to be anyone but ourselves.

Best in class

We’re here to do our best work and offer the best service. We never cut corners and always play nicely. We make things in the right way and enjoy the journey.

life in the studio

the joy of expression

UK Team

  • John Lenehan
    Global Accounts Director
  • Emily Finn
  • Chantelle Purcell
    Lead Curator
  • Anna Farrall
    Lead Designer

US Team

  • Oliver Frend
    Creative Director
  • Seth Cranford
    Senior Project Manager

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Swim School

When an idea inspires us, we explore it. Swim School is a self-initiated work exploring the themes of collective expression, shared ownership and what can be considered ‘art’.

Our stance

Diversity & inclusion

We’re committed to ensuring equal opportunities for anyone working with us or wanting to work with us. It’s not about doing what’s good for business, it’s about doing the right thing for our people, partners and clients, always. This includes our commitment to education.

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We use our global network for good. Whether connecting people through art and creativity or championing partnerships with local craftspeople, we promote social and environmental responsibility in all we do.

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This & that

A friendly and inclusive culture isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s who we are and the foundation of our entire studio. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes.

Sam M Escobar Solano


A·R·T Store

Our platform for artists, by artists. A· R· T -- A Reason To -- is our exciting new initiative harnessing the power of art to drive positive social change. The concept is simple: raise proceeds for great causes and support participating artists through the sale of curated art collections.