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Our statement of intent as we look forward to the future


We are committed to making Acrylicize a force for good. Working together with our staff, suppliers, and clients, we are on a mission to implement positive and lasting change for people and the planet.

At Acrylicize, we're driven by the transformative power of art to connect people and add beauty to the world. Through our purpose, 'The Joy of Expression', we celebrate and democratise art for all, by maintaining a thriving ecosystem that engages clients, peers, and underrepresented communities to create work that is truly reflective of the people it serves.

We constantly strive to make our industry more accessible to a diverse pool of creative talent by offering opportunities for expression through events, workshops, residencies, and experiences both at our studios and through our worldwide educational outreach programme.

Working with our clients and partners, our studio holds a commitment to offer a more sustainable design approach, from idea to installation. We are constantly learning and improving ways in which we can offer the most sustainable solutions, to help make our impact on the planet as positive as possible. Ultimately, Acrylicize has one shared, common aim: to promote empathy, compassion, unity, and love through art.

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