ACR20: a party for the ages


ACR20: a party for the ages

‘From Nothing, Something’ was an event that epitomised 20 years of Acrylicize, and celebrated all those who have contributed to our journey so far.



‘From Nothing, Something’, one of our busiest, buzziest events at The Art House to date, was something truly special. Over 300 of our friends, family, clients and collaborators came together for an evening of live music, locally sourced food and drink, hands-on activities, and a special digital installation within our gallery space. The event was marked with the release of an exclusive new t-shirt and tote bag, and had a visual identity inspired by themes of growth, nature, and collaboration.

It was one to remember. The perfect way to celebrate and unite through The Joy of Expression, setting the tone for the future of the studio.

The party, and how we got there

After four days of preparations, The Art House was transformed. Our UK and US teams came together to build a stage and DJ booth, prepared two dedicated bars within the space, mounted vinyls across walls, wrapped over 1000 cans of local beer provided by Camden's 3 Locks Brewery in bespoke, Acrylicize-designed labels, and hauled in a jungles-worth of plants to fill the space with life.

B2B DJ sets from Acrylicize’s Robin Gillard and Gavin Boorman opened the night, followed by sounds from up-and-coming London-based producer, Last Nubian. The Mighty Ruler Soundsystem brought the energy with an eclectic DJ set to close things out at the end of the night. Amongst the music and the chat, a curated duo of cocktails were prepared for guests to enjoy on the dance floor, plus a selection of Hackney’s finest sandwiches, kindly provided by local legends, Dom’s Subs.

25,202: a visual journey through two decades

25,202 (named after the number of images presented in the work) is an algorithmic, multimedia installation, which uses 20 years worth of photos to offer a dynamic snapshot of what it has taken to create and maintain the Acrylicize project. The projected artwork was on show at the event in The Art House gallery space, with narration from Acrylicize Co-Founder, James Burke, to guide viewers through the journey.

The collection of photos does not attempt to beautify, edit, or sanitise Acrylicize’s 20 year existence. It exists instead as a visual record of highs, lows, creation, logistics, sentimentality, passion, friendship, inspiration, optimisation and pride.

“The work embodies themes of opportunity and realisation and gives a behind-the-curtains insight into what it takes to run a creative business over the span of two decades.”

- James Burke, Co-Founder and Global Creative Director at Acrylicize.

Acrylicize's algorithmic, multimedia installation '25,202'

Merch to mark the occasion

Plenty of Acrylicize merch has been designed and released in small quantities over the years, to mark special occasions, moments or projects throughout the studio’s history. The 20th birthday celebrations came with a fresh batch, designed in-house by Acrylicize designer, Lawrence Stewart.

Want our merch? Head to the ACR/STORE

These were on sale at the party, alongside hand-printed, heavyweight totes, plus a rerun of the ever-popular HEW tees designed at the studio last year. Michael Prisco, a designer at Acrylicize’s New York office, was on hand during the party to help guests screen print their own totes - these went fast.



Chiara Terrone


Thomas Cuckle


Last Nubian

The Mighty Ruler Soundsystem

Robin Gillard

Gavin Boorman

Food and Drink

Dom’s Subs

3 Locks Brewery

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