Acrylicize Mix 03: Pierre Blandeau


Acrylicize Mix 03: Pierre Blandeau

Acrylicize Mix is a collaborative, organisation-wide music playlist uniting the team members across London and New York. The monthly soundtrack will feature the songs that you love; the ones our team listen to or that inspire them the most.


The contemporary beats stimulate creativity for Blandeau and the rise and fall rhythm in this series will motivate your body and mind to think outside the box. The dynamic energy in Flume’s “Go” will make your heart race, with the power of a natural high. The electronic mix is complimented by a blend of French Rap with fast-flowing tracks like Alpha Wann’s “Cascade”. A never-ending stream of hard-hitting bars delivers rap in its purest form and every word written is there to respect the French language.


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