Amnesty International at The Art House


Amnesty International at The Art House

A conversation with Simon Gallow, Programme Manager of Amnesty’s youth digital rights programme, RIGHTS Click.


RIGHTS Click took up residence at the Art House in September, for a week of workshops, talks, creative challenges and conversation, involving members of the Amnesty movement from across the international community. RIGHTS Click is an Amnesty programme that campaigns for the digital rights of children and young people, and demands their voices be heard by policy-makers and technology companies.

Simon Gallow, Programme Manager at RIGHTS Click, reflects on the week, and explains how the energy, atmosphere and values of The Art House helped bring people across the Amnesty movement together.

About Amnesty, and the purpose of the week at The Art House

“Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 10 million people in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end abuses of human rights. Since 1961, we’ve been helping people claim their rights across the world, including calling for an end to the death penalty and protecting free speech. Our workshop series for RIGHTS Click at The Art House focused on imagining an online worldwhere the
human rights of children and young people are respected.

Whether it is harassment and abuse online, or the mass data gathering and surveillance of activists, governments and tech companies often do not consider young people’s rights. The week was a moment for people across the Amnesty movement, including young people, to come together and strategise about how the world can do better.”

How it went down, and a key learning

“Activists from across the world, including Argentina, Kenya and the Philippines, came together to share their ideas, learnings and practices, on everything from how children’s usage of apps like TikTok can affect their wellbeing, to how governments use online disinformation during elections. We were reminded how much we have in common, and that we must come together to create a global response to a global problem.”

"A space is so much more than the square metres that make up the building. It’s the energy, it’s the atmosphere, it’s the people who run it."

A creative challenge lead by Acrylicize

“The creative challenge was brilliant, thoughtful and engaging. It allowed everyone to put down their notepads, get away from their laptops, and think creatively about what it means to be safe online. Whether it is learning more about your queer identity, discovering a new book, or watching a funny video, there is a version of the internet that is positive and safe – and through this exercise we were able to imagine what this could be.”

The role of The Art House

“The Art House was a simply incredible space for our workshops. As well as being spacious, open and flexible, it also created an atmosphere where everyone could approach problems differently – and with creativity and imagination. We also loved working with the staff who shared so many of our values, helping us include well- being within the space, and making it as inclusive as possible."

"Acrylicize made it such a special and memorable occasion for Amnesty, who now feel ready to take on the world”

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