Artist in Residence: Working Class Creatives Database


Artist in Residence: Working Class Creatives Database

Everything you need to know about Acrylicize and WCCD’s new collaborative artist residency programme. Applications close at midnight on Sunday 14th July 2024.


We’re opening our doors at The Art House London to Working Class Creatives Database (WCCD) members throughout 2024, for a collaborative residency programme that offers free studio space, a materials stipend, as well as advice and support from our experienced studio team.

Why we’re doing this.

The art world is a notoriously difficult place to navigate, where community and network are everything.

It can often feel like an exclusive club to which you haven’t been invited, or an intimidating space in which it’s hard to fit. This is even more of an acute issue for those hailing from traditionally working-class backgrounds, and something we are looking to tackle head-on through our partnership with WCCD.

With two decades of experience on the global creative stage, we feel passionately about facilitating and expanding access to our industry, and want to offer new, exciting opportunities for the next generation whenever and wherever we can. We see this new collaborative residency programme as an incredibly important step in shaping the future of the creative industry.

What you can expect.

This is our most expansive residency programme to date, designed to give residents as much support and opportunity as possible, all within our space in East London.

  • Studio space at the centre of London’s creative universe: It’s no secret that good, affordable studio space is hard to find in the capital. Our studio in East London has the space, equipment, and vibes you need, all for free.
  • Build your network and community: The two key tenets of the creative industry. You’ll be able to draw on the ecosystem our studio has developed over the past 20 years, and connect with others to support your growth.
  • Financial support towards your residency: As part of your residency, you’ll be entitled to a £250 stipend to put towards materials for the time of their residency.
  • Free advice, support, and real-world industry experience: From training on key Adobe tools, to understanding how to market, frame, and display your works, we have a studio of experts on hand to help and up-skill as and when needed.
  • Opportunity to be a part of our world: Get involved with everything from team lunches and after-work drinks, to artist workshops and creative morning challenges. You’ll feel part of the team.

You’ll also have full access to our studio library, kitchen, mediation room, gallery space, meeting rooms, and lounge area.

"This is a brilliant opportunity for working-class creatives to have the space to create in a unique environment that nurtures collaboration and community."

Seren Metcalfe, Founder at WCCD

Who should apply.

For this residency programme, we will only be accepting applications from members of WCCD, and priority will always be given to those most in need of space. If you’re not a member of WCCD already and you would like to apply to be a part of our residency programme, you can join WCCD here.

We encourage applications from creatives who work within all mediums and practices, but you must be based in London, and we expect you to be able to produce a body of work during the six weeks you spend with us.

How to apply.

Simply submit a small portfolio of work and answer a few questions about what you plan to achieve during your time on our residency programme.

  • Applications close at midnight on Sunday 21st July 2024  
  • Residency dates are Monday 22nd July - Friday 30th August.  
  • The studio is open Monday-Friday (excl. bank holidays, 9am - 5:30pm)
  • Please note that this is a residency for two artists in a shared space. Shortlisted artists will be asked to visit the studio w/c 15th July. Chosen artists will be notified by Friday 19th July. 

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