Arts, heritage and community in Gosport


Arts, heritage and community in Gosport


The English coastal town of Gosport is set to undergo a comprehensive revamp aimed at revitalising the local area.

Known for its 400 years of maritime and military history, Gosport, once a central hub for the British Navy, is full of untold stories waiting to be celebrated. Our project, alongside Gosport Borough Council and The Arts Council, aims to transform Gosport into an exciting destination for locals and visitors, through an engaging art trail that weaves its way through the town and provides an exciting new route along the historic waterfront. As part of a wider regeneration scheme aiming to drive investment into Gosport, enhance quality of life, and offer a sense of pride for local communities, the trail will feature public artworks, strategic wayfinding, and moments of pause and reflection.

A crucial aspect of our approach is community engagement. By running workshops with local institutions and collaborating with local partners and youth groups, we aim to unlock and celebrate the hidden and unappreciated stories of life in Gosport. Through this, we’ll identify key areas for the trail, where heritage, arts, culture, and community intersect, and then propose artistic interventions that can bring these areas to life.

Gosport's historic Rum Store building will be repaired and redeveloped as part of the wider initiative

Proposed areas of focus for Gosport's forthcoming Art Trail

This first phase of the initiative culminates in the delivery of commissioning briefs for Gosport Council and The Arts Council, which will guide the content and location of all elements for the art trail. Our ambition is to make Gosport a must-visit location that resonates with both locals and visitors alike, helping to deepen connection to the town's past, present, and future.

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