Sustainability and Community in Mind for Urbanest


Sustainability and community in mind for Urbanest


Urbanest are renowned for their quality approach to student accommodation, prioritising sustainability and a sense of community.

We’re in the midst of creating a set of artworks and environmental graphics for Urbanest’s shared spaces at their City and Battersea buildings. With a distinct need for the work to bring a sense of home from home, we’re looking to help create an environment that challenges the status quo of what it means to live in modern, highly sustainable student accommodation.

The work centres on four key story pillars. The first, ‘Sustainability’, is there to ensure student’s know they are living in potentially some of the most sustainable buildings on the planet. ‘Act Positively’, reminds students to be mindful of their own impact on the environment and be conscience of consumption, recycling and reusing. ‘London as a Green City’, creates a sense of location and highlights London’s commitments to the environment, nodding to the 353 climate tech startups and the 4,900+ green certified buildings found in the city.

Lastly, ‘Community Spirit’ emphasises the importance of community atmosphere and connections made between students while staying at Urbanest. Using this combined narrative, our teams are setting out to highlight Urbanest’s 'best in business' ethos, encourage positive behaviours and offer a playful sense of location unique to the two London buildings.

We’ll be posting updates over on our Instagram and LinkedIn profiles over the course of the project, so make sure you’re following both to get an insight into our process.

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