The Hyper Evolved Workplace Live NYC


The Hyper Evolved Workplace Live NYC


Our recent event in NYC celebrated the launch of our latest campaign ‘The Hyper Evolved Workplace’. We hosted an immersive evening honouring the arts and their ability to build community and connect a diverse range of industries.

Over the past few years, a lot has changed, including the workplace. The Hyper Evolved Workplace (HEW) is a term that we’ve coined, it is the people-centric future of the workplace. Using art and artists to channel and convey the soul of the brand through emotive, powerful and playful ways.

Our evening in NYC included art activations, performances, curated cocktails and locally crafted food to showcase the campaign.


An ice sculpture co-created by James Burke and Ben Dudek, represents Acrylicize's vision for the evolved workplace, that which is fluid, flexible and dynamic.

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